Grand Theft Auto 5, created by Rockstar Games, is the best open-world game on Consoles and Pc! the next hit cult series is even more amazing than the others. In GTA 5 we will have to access to three different charcaters. Michael (the bank robber), Trevor ( the plane pilot mentally ill) and Franklin (the debt collector). During the game, you can switch characters almost when ever you want. The new Gta World is completely different than the others, full of deserts, farmers fields and military airports. This is a giant sandbox just for you! During the game we have hundreds of mini-missions like darts or golf and the main story. Rockstar Games created the largest open-world to provide fun on high level.

Anyway, the game came you recently on PC and as excepted, some crack were already available after the release. Those crack are providing the full campaign of the game for free. But none of them had the GTA 5 Online mode included! Because it's almost impossible to crack the official online version of GTA5! I said "Almost". Wich means someone did it! I've found a GTA5 Online Crack recently, and it's fully working, on the official servers of GTA5! Watch the proof in the video below. (I recommend Full Screen and 1080p for this video)

Here is a picture of the software to crack GTA 5 Online:

GTA5 Online crack


  1. An already cracked version of the GTA5 Campaign (you can find it on torrents easely)
  2. A SocialClub account (free to create) Click here to create an account


  1. Download The Software below
  2. Extract the Files in the GTA5 folder
  3. Run the OnlineGlitcher.exe file with admin rights
  4. Provide your socialclub profile URL and click on "Trigger Account"
  5. Don't forget to check Game Update, to verify if you have all the required files for the online mode!
  6. Click on "Start Injection", launch the game, and have fun!
GTA 5 free download